Calendar of Free Webinars

In the calendar above, I’ve listed various free online Webinars, which will enable any librarian and LIS student to pursue professional development. Please take advantage of these free resources. Please note that I will continually update this calendar throughout the year as I find more free Webinar events. In some cases, they happen at the same time, but most Webinars will send you a link with a copy of the event, so you can view it afterwards.

By clicking on the date, you can find all the pertinent information about that Webinar event, and as always, these Webinars are free.

Ideas for finding free Webinars and MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses):

25 thoughts on “Calendar of Free Webinars

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    • You’re welcome! Thank you for visiting the site! I love being able to help other librarians and information specialists find free learning! :-)

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