Where to Search For Free Webinars…

Over the past few years, I’ve searched for free webinars to help library and information professionals learn more through professional development. I have enjoyed hearing that it has helped many people. Therefore I created this document that lists where I searched for free webinars, List of Websites I Check Monthly for Free Webinars.

Due to my busy schedule, I will not be able to continue the calendar. However, I will keep this list up on the website so that you can continue finding free professional development.

Thank you!


Advice to New Graduates

With the graduation season, a lot of people write about the best advice they’ve ever received. Some say, “Never forget where you’re from.” Others say, “Don’t give up.” Motivational quotes and speeches have multiplied over the years, and I’ve heard a few of them. The best advice I’ve ever received during a graduation is to be a life-long learner and to never be afraid to create new goals and dreams.

Life is always changing, and there are lots more things to learn past your high school diploma, your undergraduate studies, or even your Master’s degree. You will never have ALL the answers, so there are many more to explore during your lifetime. And just because you earned your degree in one thing doesn’t mean that you’ll get a job in that field or that you’ll never return to school for more education.

I have experienced this in my career so far, and I know that in order to grow as a person, I must always be expanding my education in some way, shape, or form. Some ways to expand your education include:

– More college education
– Learn a new language
– Read up on your field of study or another field
– Develop a personal learning network in person or online
– Webinars
– Travel to new places
– Network with people in your career field or in others

The best advice I’ve received at graduation is the advice I want to pass on to you: “Be a life-long learner. You’re never too old to create new goals and dreams. Keep going. Try your best, and never give up.”

Love your Library Month

Love Your Library Month

Love your Library Month

Love your Library Month

February is Love Your Library Month, and if anyone loves her library, it’s me! I love being able to check out new books through the library, and if my library doesn’t have a book that I’m looking for or wanting to read, we can get it through Inter-library loan! That means there are hundreds of thousands of resources available through my library. Super!

Speaking of how awesome libraries are, I’ve been asked two questions this week about libraries’ resources. This blog post is devoted to answering the two questions…

Could you have gotten as much out of four years in the public library as you got out of college?

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Murray State University, so I have a pretty good idea of what four years of college can give you in terms of education and training. I feel that I learned a lot in the four years at Murray State; they really want their students to learn as much as possible. I also visited their libraries during my stay, and I really enjoyed perusing their collection and using ILLiad for resources that other libraries could share.

That compared with the experience at my local public library is definitely different. The purpose of the public library is a little different as well from a university or college. For example, university (and its libraries) are more supportive of education and information. My local public library is devoted to more than just education; it also has the purposes of entertainment and recreation. I also feel that my local public library is more devoted to entertainment than education, and that is because its guests are focused on computers and reading the newest, best-selling fiction.

I think the best way to decide the answer to this question is to have a comparison of what they offer…

University (4 years of college)

  • Math, English, Science, Art, Humanities, Social Science, Technology classes
  • Career Services (Resume and Job Application assistance, Career Guidance)
  • Computer labs
  • Library with Inter-library loan services
  • Arts programs (plays, musicals, concerts)
  • Fitness center

Public Library

  • Technology, Art, Humanities classes and / or programs
  • Resume and Job Application assistance
  • Computer labs
  • Maker-space labs
  • Library with Inter-library loan services

Do they offer the same things? No. There are large differences between a four-year degree and a public library. The offerings that a public library contain are usually shorter-term and smaller than a university or four-year college have. However, the price difference is HUGE. Public libraries often make their programs and classes free and open to all, while the four-year college is much more expensive.

Therefore, to me, it all depends on a person’s budget. I would not have skipped out on my college experience, but my learning experiences do not have to end with my four years of college. It can continue at the public library. Which would I be able to get more out of: a four-year degree or the public library? I would have to say that I would get more out of the degree because it can land me with a professional job, but the public library will help me continue growing as a professional. Ultimately, I would not go without either option because they both have value.

What would you do with a year in the public library now?

I currently check out professional development resources and books on my “To Read” list via my public library. Because I work at my public library, I am in charge of some of the library’s programs; therefore, I also attend library programs. I also have taught computer classes at the library.

With a year at my public library, I would attend cooking demonstrations, extend my education and continue learning, read the newest fiction (especially, the mysteries and YA books), and create something new with some of the art and craft classes.

All in all, this is a great time to Love Your Library!

Page 365 of 365 – The New Year is Upon Us

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!

This year has gone by quickly. We have seen many things in the world of libraries, books, technology, and in general the world. This year, I have taken a larger leadership role at the library, and yet, I still have a long way to go before I make it to finding the right fit.

  • This year, 1838 free webinars were shared.
  • I read 321 books. (My goal was 100 books via GoodReads.com Challenge.)
  • 3,621 visitors viewed this website 5,988 times; they also liked the blog posts 24 times and commented 23 times.
  • People from 80 countries around the world visited the blog.

All in all, thank you very much for visiting and using my blog. I hope you find the calendar of free webinars helpful. Happy New Year!

Facebook, Libraries, and the Fear of Losing Fans

Facebook, Libraries, and the Fear of Losing Fans

What will Facebook’s new changes do to the outreach of library marketing in 2015? How can we improve our library’s reach to the community?

I’ve noticed a lack of interest from fans on our library’s Facebook page, which has sparked an interest in Library Facebook page best practices. On top of that, Facebook has recently announced that changes are coming in January 2015. Facebook pages will be penalized for too many promotional posts, and businesses that market on Facebook will have to buy ads instead of using Facebook to advertise for free. This has spurred many questions, including: How will it affect libraries? The truth is, we won’t know until after a few months of analyzing the difference between past and future statistics.

Therefore, the only solution as of now is to create posts with interesting and valuable information.

Ideas for your Facebook posts…

  • Memes
  • Pictures of your library patrons at programs (get permission)
  • Videos of programs and your library’s mission and messages
  • News
  • Tips on how patrons can find information easier
  • Staff member introductions
  • Ask your fans and patrons questions about what they like to read, watch, listen to, do

If you’re like me and are still looking for information on how to improve your library’s Facebook page, here are some resources and reads that I’ve found so far.

Do you have any comments, tips and tricks, or resources that you would like to share? Please do! Or you can start a conversation with me on Twitter (@sarahderinger88), and find me on Facebook (http://facebook.com/sbd1988). I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Happy Book Lover’s Day!

Book Lover's Day

Today is Book Lover’s Day. I love books, and I love reading. Of course, that’s no surprise to anyone, especially those connected to me on GoodReads.com or who visit the library on Fridays when we get our ILL shipment.

So what is it that has captured so many people, including myself, in a book? Well, take a look at these quotes from BrainyQuote.com to find an answer…

I love books; my suitcases are always full of them. Books and shoes. I read when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am nervous. My favourite British author is Jane Austen, and my favourite American one is John O’Hara.

Carolina Herrera

I love books where you feel you’re having a romance with the writer.

Joseph O’Neill

I love my job, and I love books. I read anything, including cereal boxes. I care deeply about what people think of my books, and I memorize my reviews. I love to hear from my readers.

Lisa Scottoline

I don’t own a Kindle, no. I love books, they are beautiful objects.

John Banville

I love old books. They tell you stories about their use. You can see where the fingerprints touched the pages as they held the book open. You can see how long they lingered on each page by the finger stains.

Jack Bowman

A love of books, of holding a book, turning its pages, looking at its pictures, and living its fascinating stories goes hand-in-hand with a love of learning.

Laura Bush

So why do you love books? Which books do you love? Celebrate Book Lover’s Day today by reading a good book, and comment below or tweet me (@sarahderinger88) to share your favorite books.

The Librarian’s Desk: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 edition

I thought I’d give you a quick look at my reading list by sharing with you what books are on my desk right now. I haven’t finished these books as of yet and therefore can and am not telling you that these are great books. They might be great books, and most of what I read has been reviewed by other people. Therefore, I say to you approach these books with the intent of reading them, but with caution.

For more on what I’ve been reading, check out my GoodReads profile!