MOOC: Learn Something New Today & Become a Librarian Tomorrow

I read a post in the INALJ LinkedIn Group Discussions, Are new library graduates being lost when it comes to opportunities? The topic mentioned a blog post Are We in the Midst of a Lost Generation of Librarians? by AgnosticMaybe, which discusses the potential loss of a generation of job-seeking librarians due to experience requirements in job listings. Recently graduated LIS students are not finding jobs because they are “inexperienced,” and so they work on internships and part-time jobs for many years in order to build the experience needed to finally apply for that ultimate library career. This question is daunting to me as I’m a hopeful graduate of December 2013, but I saw a turn in topics during the discussion to MOOCs and how they help students of any area professionally develop their career path.

For those readers new to MOOCs, like I was earlier this morning, MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Most MOOCs are free, and an example of a MOOC site is MIT’s OpenCourseware, which includes topics such as: Business, Energy, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Society, and Teaching and Education.

I’ve therefore developed two lists of sites offering MOOCs and webinars, and I’ve posted that on the Calendar page. If you are in need of professional development, look through the list and build your knowledge! These resources are free, and they can help you reach your dreams, whether it be as a librarian or other professional, more quickly.


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