Teen Programming: Photo Booth Props and Photography 101


This Friday, May 9, at 4 pm, I’ll embark on an adventure of teen programming in epic proportions (or at least that’s the way I view it). I have planned a beginning photography class and a photo op for teens. I made a list of basic but well-explained tutorials for beginning photography, included my favorite pictures via Flickr, and listed the basic composition rules. Then, I also made photo booth props, so that the teens will be able to practice a few photography skills before going out on their own.¬†

How To: Photo Booth Props

—-You’ll need: Card-stock paper; Dow rod(s); scissors or an exact-o knife; black Sharpie marker, if tracing; crayons or markers, if coloring; hot glue gun

  1. Find photo booth prop templates that you would like to use.
  2. Print, trace, or draw your templates. (I traced mine from my computer screen onto card-stock paper.)
  3. Warm up your hot glue gun by plugging it in while you follow the next steps.
  4. Color your props before cutting, unless your templates were already colored while being printed.
  5. Cut the props out.
  6. For interchangeable / reusable photo booth props, cut (1/2 inch wide by 2 inch long) strips of card-stock paper.
  7. For interchangeable / reusable photo props, hot glue the strip of paper around the Dow rod, only gluing on the paper. Make it a round circle of paper – that FITS the Dow rod. (For an example, see the picture below. The hat prop is turned over where you can see the interchangeable piece of paper, where the Dow rod will fit.)
  8. For non-reusable photo props, just hot glue the prop directly to the Dow rod.
  9. Enjoy your photo props! (I made a top hat, a tiara, lips, heart-shaped glasses, a mustache, a bow tie, and a tie.)



To find a few good photo booth prop templates, I used:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY program!

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