Book Review: The Villa of Death by Joanna Challis

Joanna Challis has done it again! She’s written a wonderful mystery using the life of Daphne du Maurier, the famed author of Rebecca. I love reading this series because of the time period that the story is set in. In The Villa of Death, Daphne visits her long-time friend and pen-pal Ellen. Ellen is finally getting married to Teddy Grimshaw, an American millionaire; Ellen and Teddy had met and fallen in love during the war but were separated for quite some time. Ellen had a daughter by Teddy named Charlotte, which finally brought the two lovers back together. Daphne is the maid of honor and is in charge of helping the wedding go smoothly.

But all turns solemn when Teddy dies the day of the wedding. Is it his bad heart that failed? Was it poison? Everyone in the family stands to gain from his death, so who would have murdered a groom on his wedding day?

I rated this book five out of five stars, and I truly hope that Joanna Challis will write another book in this series soon!

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