Teen Summer Reading Program Results and Lessons Learned for 2014

Thank you to all our kind supporters

Thank you to all our kind supporters.

 Working with teens can be challenging… and rewarding. This is a key lesson that anyone working with teens needs to understand before making a teen summer reading program (TSRP), preparing for any event, and providing services to teens at a library. I certainly saw this lesson in action during this year’s teen summer reading program.

The program was the first ever that I have planned and executed, and I hope that the lessons I’ve learned this year will help me prepare for the next one and any future activities that our library provides for teens. If you would like to see the statistics and results of the TSRP, check out the Prezi I made: http://prezi.com/m1gcuudo5lrc/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share. I plan to share this presentation with the Friends of the Library who generously gave $150 to make the TSRP happen; I am extremely thankful for the Friends providing our whole TSRP budget. It would not have been possible without their kindness. I also plan to share this with my co-workers and the Library Board.

At the end of the presentation, I give my final thoughts and plans for the future. For example, the three things I might change for the next summer reading program and future library programs for teens include:

  • Change of day and time – which would include changing my work schedule
  • More advertising – which would increase / change the budget and include more social media advertising
  • Possibly extending the TSRP for all summer – which would increase the budget

Each of these can be remedied at a cost, but they are worth looking into. What has your TSRP been like this year? What changes are you planning for next year? Tell me on Twitter: @sarahderinger88.


2 thoughts on “Teen Summer Reading Program Results and Lessons Learned for 2014

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